Trial Victory Secured for Attorneys Paul Batta and Dan Fulkerson by Pettit Kohn Ingrassia Lutz & Dolin Trial Team Against Attorney “King” Aminpour

Trial attorneys Douglas Pettit and Caitlin Jones achieved a complete defense verdict for their clients, attorneys Paul Batta and Dan Fulkerson of the preeminent personal injury firm Batta Fulkerson Law Group, following a seven-week jury trial in San Diego Superior Court. The jury reached a unanimous verdict in favor of Mr. Batta and Mr. Fulkerson following three days of deliberations and rejected all of the claims asserted by Mr. Aminpour that Mr. Batta and Mr. Fulkerson had interfered in contractual and business relationships that he had.

The claims arose from a business Aminpour started with a former client. The business relationship eventually soured. The client approached Batta and Fulkerson seeking advice. After the client attempted to end the business relationship, Aminpour sued the former client for fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and other claims and Batta and Fulkerson alleging conspiracy, and tortious interference, claiming they colluded to undermine his business interests. The former client, Lara Calhoun, then brought similar claims against Mr. Aminpour for breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, and malpractice. The jury completely exonerated Mr. Batta and Mr. Fulkerson following the highly visible trial. The jury also found Aminpour and Calhoun both engaged in wrongful conduct toward one another but that neither suffered any damage. 

With meticulous preparation, the experienced trial team led by Douglas Pettit and Caitlin Jones successfully navigated a complex and contentious case in pursuit of their clients’ rights and interests.  Pettit Kohn is proud of its commitment to the defense of California lawyers and its track record of exceptional success in defending attorneys against claims of malpractice, ethical breaches, and business torts as well as its track record in obtaining outstanding outcomes in difficult and complex trials.