Today’s changing business landscape requires access to knowledgeable, experienced lawyers who can effectively collaborate with companies to protect their interests in litigation. Our attorneys understand that businesses have to deal with many practical, financial and strategic challenges in today’s ever changing economic environment. Our attorneys work with our business clients to develop strategic plans in order to effectively manage litigation and work with our clients toward their litigation and business goals. We collaborate with our clients so that we better understand their business. We believe we need to understand our client’s business in order to effectively represent the client’s business interests. We understand the financial pressures of the business world and work with our clients to address these pressures by charging reasonable rates, creating targeted litigation plans, and developing accurate budgets to develop the right strategy. Our attorneys cooperatively tailor the legal services needed by our clients to achieve their goals. Our attorneys understand that sometimes it is important to win, and sometimes it is important to resolve a dangerous case in an economical manner. Pettit Kohn’s business litigation attorneys have developed successful strategies for companies of all sizes, including several Fortune 100 companies, in a diverse array of regulatory and judicial forums.