Pettit Kohn Shareholder becomes MANA de San Diego Board Member

Shareholder, Cassandra Mougin, recently became a board member of MANA de San Diego.  She joined MANA de San Diego in July of 2014 and served on the Scholarship Committee.  Cassandra’s membership to the board affirms her and Pettit Kohn’s support for the San Diego community, diverse groups within the county and support for the higher education of disadvantaged Latinas in our community.

MANA de San Diego works to give a voice to Latina women at the national, state and local level.  As MANA National grew, the organization evolved into a strong and diverse group of Latinas, from the political, social and professional arenas.  Currently MANA has 17 chapters in the United States, including MANA de San Diego.  For more information visit: