Jennifer Weidinger and Andrew Chung Succeed Again in Motion for Summary Judgment

On August 24, 2015, Pettit Kohn Ingrassia & Lutz won a Motion for Summary Judgment for one of its large retail clients on a personal injury action in Ventura County, California. Plaintiff alleged that he endured debilitating injuries to his back while attempting to remove an ice tea case from a display shelf onto his shopping cart. Plaintiff claimed that the ice tea case was placed dangerously high on the shelf and that the defendant did not have sufficient floor associates to assist him. Pettit Kohn effectively refuted both arguments. The judge agreed with the defense that the ice tea case was obvious to plaintiff and that he should have realized the risks involved in loading the ice tea case onto his cart. The judge also concluded that several associates were available to assist plaintiff if needed. The case was dismissed in favor of the defense. Jennifer Weidinger and Andrew Chung represented the client on Pettit Kohn’s behalf.