Pettit Kohn Achieves Another Defense Verdict for Large Retail Client

On September 1, 2011, Pettit Kohn successfully defended one of its large retail clients in a personal injury action in Bakersfield, California. The plaintiff alleged that she sustained permanent and debilitating injuries in an accident on the client’s premises. At trial, the plaintiff offered expert testimony to support economic damages of over two million dollars and asked the jury to return a verdict between six million and six and one-half million dollars. Pettit Kohn argued at trial that its client acted reasonably to maintain the premises in a safe condition and was not liable for the plaintiff’s injuries. After two weeks of testimony and argument, the jury determined that the defendant was not negligent and that the plaintiff was not entitled to any monetary recovery. Grant Waterkotte and Robert Ortiz represented the client on Pettit Kohn’s behalf.