Pettit Kohn Achieves Phenomenal Result

On March 15, 2010, a Pomona jury returned a verdict in favor of one of the firm’s large retail clients for an amount far below the amount of money offered by the client to resolve the case. This matter involved personal injuries to a father and son within the premises of the client’s store. The plaintiffs claimed that the child sustained severe, permanent brain injuries as a result of a collision involving a heavily loaded pallet jack being pulled by a store employee. The plaintiffs demanded $4,750,000 before trial. The store did not contest the facts of the incident itself, but was able to prove that no permanent impairment was caused as a result. After two weeks of testimony and argument, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the store, issuing a judgment far below the client’s pretrial offer. Consequently, the firm’s client was entitled to recover its costs which exceeded the dollar amount of the judgment. Grant Waterkotte and Karie Schroder represented the client on the firm’s behalf.