Pettit Kohn Obtains Favorable Verdict for Retail Client

On December 23, 2009, Pettit Kohn successfully defended one of its large retail clients in a personal injury action in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The plaintiff alleged that she sustained a fractured wrist at the client’s premises (“the store”) after she tripped and fell in the parking lot. The plaintiff argued that the store negligently maintained the premises. The plaintiff further argued that her wrist fracture was misdiagnosed by the radiologist, a co-defendant in the case, and that as a result, she required a fusion surgery to repair the injury. The plaintiff sought a minimum of $700,000 in damages. The store contended that it acted reasonably to maintain the premises in a safe condition, and that it was not responsible for the plaintiff’s injury. After two weeks of testimony and argument, including extensive testimony by expert witnesses, the jury determined that Pettit Kohn’s client was not negligent in the maintenance and operation of its premises, and returned a verdict in favor of the store. Krystal Aguilera represented the store on the firm’s behalf.