San Diego Attorneys Pettit & Kohn Featured in Forbes Magazine

Preparation, Commitment, Business Litigation Excellence

In 2006, a group of lawyers decided to open a business litigation firm where commitment – to clients and each other – was the glue and great work was the rule.

From vision to reality: Pettit Kohn Ingrassia & Lutz, nine attorneys in the early days and 35 now, works to resolve disputes for individuals, the smallest of small businesses and the largest of major corporations. This is a firm prepared to fight and ready to go to trial for its clients.

The practice brings significant litigation experience to the dispute and is a passionate advocate, whether the client is the plaintiff or the defendant. Three of the firm’s attorneys are members of the American Board of Trial Advocates, a pre-eminent national association of experienced, highly respected trial attorneys.

Trying Cases to Verdict
“We try cases. And in today’s legal world, not all firms do,” says Douglas A. Pettit, Esq., vice president. “In the early summer, we had four trials in 60 days and obtained very good outcomes.” Such outcomes, he says, are the primary driver behind the firm’s impressive recession-years growth. “We’ve delivered for our clients, and they’re very satisfied.” When Pettit Kohn Ingrassia & Lutz opened, the attorneys worked in areas where they had substantial background – business litigation, employment and labor law, professional liability and retail. Organic growth followed, and as new attorneys joined the firm, its breadth of operations widened. Practice areas now include personal injury, appellate, product liability, real estate, restaurant and hospitality, and transportation. “We’ve grown into new areas where our clients have asked us to handle work for them,” Pettit says. “We’ve handled all types of litigation matters for our clients.”

Developing Clear Arguments
The attorneys get to know their clients and their businesses, learn their goals and strategic plans and work with them as partners, almost like in-house counsel. They develop arguments they can present clearly, sensibly and compellingly to judges, jurors and mediators, but not every case goes to trial. For those that do, Andrew N. Kohn, Esq., chief executive officer, says clients are in good hands. “We’re experienced in the courtroom. We work very hard to make sure what we do is not only in the best interests of the client but within the context of what’s going on with their business. And we’re really prepared.”

Armed with that business-minded approach to its clients’ needs, Pettit Kohn looks forward to its future prospects.

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