Commercial Landlord-Tenant Mediation Program for Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce Members

Mediation can be an option to resolving COVID-19 commercial lease disputes without the costly expense of litigation.  It is not a substitute for the advice of any attorney and participants may choose to seek advice from legal counsel for their specific situation. However, mediation allows for both parties to willingly participate in the problem-solving process to find a win-win solution for both sides. 

Pettit Kohn Ingrassia Lutz & Dolin has partnered with the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce to provide discounted mediation services to the Chamber’s commercial landlords and tenants that have been impacted by COVID-19, specifically as it relates to the commercial eviction moratorium and related rent repayment plans.

We offer independent, third-party mediation services.  Our mediators are not agents, representatives, or employees of either the City of Santa Monica or the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce.  All mediators are experienced attorneys who will act as a neutral third-party to resolve lease disputes between commercial landlords and tenants to reach an agreeable repayment plan in a confidential and professional setting.  California’s mediation confidentiality laws are laid out in Evidence Code Sections 703.5 and 1115 to 1129. 

The benefits of participating in mediation include preserving tenancy and occupancy; saving time and money; allowing the parties to have full participation in decisions; encouraging creative solutions; and helping to cultivate peaceful relationships.

If you are a member of the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce and would like to participate in this mediation program, please fill out the “Request for Mediation Services” form via the following link:


You may also call (310) 649-5772 to speak with one of our attorney mediators. 

Fees & Costs

Two Hour Mediation Session:  $500
Administration Fee:  $50

If a case requires additional hours of Mediation services, clients may request additional hours of service which may be granted based on the individual circumstances involved in the case.  Additional work beyond the two-hour mediation session will be billed at $250 an hour.

Postponement or Cancellation: 

A cancellation fee of $250 is charged unless a postponement or cancellation in writing is received 2 business days prior to the scheduled/confirmed mediation.

Mediation Team: